Blast Your Bench - Add 50 lbs. to your bench press in only 3 weeks!
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These are copies of actual e-mails that I have received from people who have used the "Blast Your Bench" training system.


I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased, no, how shocked, I was with your Blast Your Bench program. I have been a gym rat since my days in college (80�s) and continue to enjoy working out 4 days per week. I have to be honest, I was very skeptical of a program that claimed such drastic increases in the lift that everybody is measured by in a gym. No more! After applying myself to the program; and following your advice of preparing, resting, and then wholeheartedly applying myself to it, I am very happy to share with you that my bench went from 305 pound to 365 pound!!! Not bad for a 47 old father of four!

My thanks to you.

Randy Lambert
Rome, GA

I purchased your "Blast Your Bench" program about 2 months ago, and already completed it with some good results. I made a 15lb gain on my bench press going from 255-270, and I added about 5lbs to my frame 165-170. Unfortuantly I did not really follow the eating plan just because all my money is going to finishing college. I want to start your Blast Your Squat Program in about a month.

Andre Balykov

Hi Lee,

Since using your awesome bench press tips my bench has nearly doubled in the past 2 months. I haven�t been into it for long but at the start of the year I was struggling to get past 90 lbs. but last week I killed it and got 5 reps of 175 lbs. and this was mostly due to the technique you demonstrated. Its not earth moving but I'm very pleased with it.

James Johnson

Hello Lee,

I am Yoshi in Japan. With your Blast Bench Program, I could make the increase of Max bench press weight from 275 to 315lbs, 40lbs increase!

This is very good program for me, even 47 years old guy in Japan.

Thank you for your advise.

Best regards.
Yoshi Oike

Hello Lee,

I ordered your Blast the Bench program. And I have to say it is an amazing program. I am currently using it here in Iraq!!! Thanks alot for all the important info that you provide to Soldiers to keep them conditioned on the battlefield!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Friend
SGM Ronald Smalley
U.S. Army


After I read all your testimonials I bought your blast your bench program. I just finished the program and raised my bench 50 pounds!!! My old max was 275 and now it is 325!!! My life long goal was 315. THANKS A MILLION!

Lance Reeves

Hello Lee,

My Name Is chris I purchased your program a couple of months ago and about 1 months ago when I started your program my bench was at 180lbs and I'm 13 years old after the last workout on the third week I felt that I had already made great strength gains and I didnt even max out yet so 2 days later on Sunday I was fired up to try a new max I put up 245 with ease Lee I started crying a little bit because of my exitement Lee you are just amazing for helping me My bench press Max means alot to me especialy when I tell my freinds at school. Lee My brother also about 4 weeks ago tried to give the Program a shot Just in ur preperation week before the real program this might come to quite a shock to you But my brother that turned 17 Last month could barly max out at 200lbs a couple weeks ago and my brother told me chris lets go max out yesterday and I said ok Lee he maxed out at 300lbs even he was choking up also Lee My brother and I would just like to thank you for creating this program you are a great guy thanks alot Lee

P.s You can post on your blast your bench website that someone gained 100lbs on their bench in 3 weeks

Your freinds Chris and steve

Hi Lee,

I just wanted to send you the update on the blastyourbench program that I just completed. Before the program started I was benching 310 pounds and last night I had a max of 340. My lifting partner made a jump from 260 to 295. The program really does work.

Thank you so much for coming up with the blast your bench program it is well worth the money spent.

Kevin Newman

Hey Lee,

I'm a 15 year old freshman football player. I've been training hard for football and I came across your program and decided to give it a try. I started with a 1 rep max of 220 for bench and 355 for squat. After working hard during the length of the program, I maxed out again. I was blown away. My max bench was 275 and my squat was 405. I still have a while until footballs starts and I intend to complete the program again. I'm only a freshman and I'm one of the strongest players on my high school football team. I couldn't have done it without the help of you program.

Mike Graham

Hi Lee

I�ve been doing the Blast your bench program. I've just finished the last workout and have increased my bench from 102kg for two reps to 122kg for 3 reps. Which brought me to a total of 20kg (44 lbs.) gained on my bench throughout the program. I'm quite satisfied with that progress as I was on a major plateu going into the program. I'm looking forward to start the blast your squat program next week.

Wouter Joubert

Hi Lee,

I got the BlastYourBench program a few months ago and I loved it, as I have been increasing my max's in everything since then. When I got BlastYourBench, I had been working out a lot but without much gain; I was on a very long "plateau." Since I've used it, it has helped me become more eager to workout and I've exceeded all goals I had for the entire summer months off school. My bench before the program using the max out process was 190 lbs. Right after, I felt more toned and bigger (as I'm a very thin 6'2-6'3 160lbs). That gave me a lot of drive and now I have gotten it up to 230 lbs 1 rep max, and I'm getting ready to start another round of the BlastYourBench.

Thanks for all your advice and help with my questions. I will continue to use the nutrition information with the program and cutting out the junk foods and sodas.

Thanks again,
Patrick H.

Hey Lee,

My name is Russ Glaser. I'm coming off my second stint on the Blast Your Bench Program - my first was was about 8 months ago. I've gained 30 pounds of bodyweight, and gained strength everywhere on my body (including gaining 75 pounds on my bench) and have kept my waist line in check.

I just wanted to let you know that my gains the past year in the gym have been INCREDIBLE. And it all started with Blast Your Bench.

Russ Glaser


I followed your blast your bench program and got incredible results. I'm 16 and was benching 305 lbs, I weighted 155. In just 3 weeks I am benching 370 lbs and weight 175. It's great, at the gym people really noticed how much my bench and my size has increased. All of my friends have been asking me if i have been using steroids and my football coach even had me tested.

I justed wanted to thank you for the great program.

Corey Heintz

Mr. Lee Hayward,

I ordered the Blast Your Bench program a while back. I had good success and increased my bench press by 20lbs. on your program.

Thank you very much,

Best regards,
James Masiello

Hey Mr. Hayward.

I ordered the "Blast Your Bench Program." It is going great. I wound up gaining 20 lbs on my bench in 3 weeks. This number however, is misleading. I actually may have been able to gain more, but I got injured near the end of the 3rd week and this hindered my workouts somewhat.

I just started the "Blast Your Squat" routine. These routines are incredible. For once, I feel very confident that the routine I am doing will bring me results. I simply love how you have everything laid out (i.e. sets, reps, rest time, diet, etc.)

Lee, you're the man!!!!!!!!

Hi Lee.

I just wanted to tell you that my max went up 25 pounds on the blast your bench program.

thank you,
Carlos Pineiro

Hi, Lee

I purchased your blast your bench program and gained 25 pounds on my bench press. I went from bench pressing 240 lbs. to bench pressing 265 lbs.

If you could give me a few tips to futher get my bench press up to my goal of 300 lbs. it would be greatly appreacited.

Conway Turnbull

I did this blast your bench 3 times and each time I went up. I started at a max bench of 150 and after I did blast you bench for the first time I was benching 190. I did the program agin and got up to a max of 210. And now I got a max of 240 pounds.

Kyle Blake

Hey Lee,

my names vedran and am 17 years old. i bought your blast your bench programme and ive got to say i dont know were i would be without it. i have done the programme once and have been listening to all the tips in the past 4 month and have gone from benching 90kg (200lb) to benching 120kg (264lb) in 4 month. all my friends keep asking am i on steroids which in a way makes me happy coz i gotta be puttin on muscle for them to think that. i just gotta say thanks alot!!!

Vedran Simlesa

Greetings Mr. Hayward,

In 2002 I purchased "Blast Your Bench" which is an awesome program and have had great results when I used the program. I gained 75 lbs on my bench press.

Thank you,
SGT Lewis, Scott, R.
US Army

Hi Lee,

I have used the blast your bench program in the past. I made gains of 50 lbs the 1st, 40 lbs 2nd, and 50 lbs the 3rd time using it. I went from benching 160 lbs when I was just starting to work out. To a 450 lbs bench in 2 years! I am getting ready to use it again soon.
(P.S. these are natural gains)

Patrick Fishley

Hello Mr. Lee

I Finished the program and now i Max out today after a week of relaxing and I got 365LBS. I had a huge increase.

Thank you for all your help and I'll keep in touch.

Ant Magloire

Hi Lee,

I am a eight grader and am 13 years old. I finished the three week Blast Your Bench routine. I must say that it is awesome. I started with 105 and in about a month I finished my last workout doing 165 for 3. This is awesome. I maxed out and put up 175. I can't wait to start blast your squat.

Jimmy Hitchkock

Hello Lee,

I've ordered a copy of your Blast Your Bench program a couple years ago and it was the best investment that I've ever made. Thanks a billion Lee for your program! Now I can bench press 435 pounds!

James Gregory

Note: James Gregory has won numerous Special Olympics Powerlifting and Bench Press competitions, including the 2007 U.S.A.P.L. Shawn Ray Bench Press Classic in Denver, Colorado where he bench pressed 435 pounds.

Just wanted to thank you for the blast your bench program. I went from 330 to 350 and wasn't even getting enough sleep or eating the right diet.

Nate Clark

hi lee...

when i first did ur program i weighed about 150 that was in 2002 my bench went from 155 to 185 so thats 30lb increase i weigh aprox 180lb and my bench is stuck at 285 lb so i decided after 3 yrs to do the program again im confident i will get past the 300lb mark which i been chasing for along time...

Frank L.

Hi Lee,

My name is George Wahba, I have purchased your program "Blast Your Bench" and I have increased my bench press by 30 pounds�

George Wahba

Hi Lee,

Just thought I'd tell you that at first I was sceptical but the program actually works. I am 15 years old, and after 3 weeks my bench went up from 160 to 195 that�s a 35 pound gain. I also did not use any creatine for the blast your bench program.

Thank you,

Wesley Quade
Kenai, Alaska


I finally finished the blast your bench workout. Before I started I maxed out at 285 and I despretly wanted to get my bench well above 300. After week 3 I couldnt wait to max out again. I went from a max of 285 to 315. Thats a jump of 30lbs. I think your workout is great and I cant wait to do it all over again. The next time I do the workout I will be attempting to break my school bench record which is only 350, and I have more than a year to do it.

Thanks alot Lee.
Tom Zebrowski


Updated: Nov. 8, 2005
Lee, I wrote you a testimonial a while back about going from 285 to 315 and wanting to break my school record with a year left. Well just to let you know, I broke the school record of 350 with a bench of 405. It was mainly attributed to your program.


I just finished the Blast Your Bench routine and I gained 25lbs on my bench press from 305 to 330. Thanks for your program. I am very pleased and if I would have known I would have had those results then I would have paid 4 times as much as I did if not more!

Once again, thanks a ton! And thank you for your time.

Eli Wood

Hey Lee,

Thanks for Blast Your Bench program, I went from a 295lbs. bench max to a 340lbs. max, it is unreal!!! I cant wait to start on the squat program!

John McCoy

I purchased your program around a year ago, and had great results with it, completing the workout on two different occasions. My bench press has gone up 65 lbs since I first bought your program to when I finished a second time, which is great considering how slow I make gains. I did this all last year when I was 15, and now that wrestling season is over I plan to do it again.

Thanks for all the help.
Mike Fletcher

Hi Lee,

Just a quick email to update on my improvments using BYB. I finished the three weeks and had one week rest, then went to my local gym to test my 1RM. I treated it like a comp and limited myself to three main lifts. After nervous warm up. 1st lift 140kg (308 lbs) this equaled my previous best. 2nd lift 150kgs (330 lbs.). 3rd lift 155kgs (341 lbs.). WOW! Many raised eyebrows in the gym that day!

Thanks again.
Darren Stiles

Hi Lee,

I purchased your bench program last year I used it and it worked great. I hurt my rotator cuff and did not bench heavy for quite some time before the blast your bench program the best I was able to do without pain was 325 with the blast your bench program I got up to 360.

Ed Balkiewicz

As I started the program my max one-time rep was 275. I weight 185 and have always wanted to bench 100 pounds over my weight. The first day was difficult finding the correct poundage to work with, but my partner and I persevered. There were many days that I was exhausted and could not wait until Sat-Sun. Towards the end of the program I did not really feel any stronger but with each workout I felt more confident. After completing the program and a few days of much deserved rest I warmed up for my new one-time max. I started with 275 with hopes of 280 or 285. I breezed through each and had to try 290, 295 and finally 300. I hit it. 25 pounds added. I know that it is a combination of hard work, attitude, and your guide to blast your bench. Now I have to set an new life time goal - 315? Who knows? Thanks for your help Lee. You are the man.

Kurt Muchow
Santa Rosa, CA

Hey Lee,

Just wanted to report back to you I finished the blast your bench program on friday. And was really excited. I maxed out at 275lbs for 1 rep at the start of the program and on the last set of my workout on friday (3 weeks later) I put up 290lbs 3 times. I have also packed on 12lbs. of muscle. Just wanted to thank you for everthing.

Thanks Again

Eric Nicholson
Beacon, Iowa


Last summer 03' I purchased the Blast Your Bench Program and used it for the alloted three weeks of time and improved my bench by 40 pounds as I was training for my upcoming football season.

Thank you,

Joe Kugler

Dear Lee

I have been useing your program for only a week and my results are suprising. I must admit I was skeptical but I gave it a shot and my bench has already went up 20 pounds.

Thank you,

hey man,

bench program worked out great, i went from 220 to 260 in just 3 weeks thanks alot man its helped me alot in powerlifitn your fellow lifter.

adam hinkley


Well I finished the Blast Your Bench routine. I started out with benching 190 pounds and finished with 295. It was a strugle lifting 295 but I got it up. I started with the squat routine today.

Roger Stellmach

Hi Lee im paul bush and im 16 years old and I loved you blast your bench program it worked great, I added 30 pounds to my bench in only 3 weeks.

When I first did the blast your bench program I started with a max of 175, when i finished it was 215. Then about 7 months later I did the program again and after I maxed at 270. I am 17 and weigh 170, right now my max is 295. Your program really helped me with my progession in lifting. Thank you for the great progam.

Ryan Washo

hey lee,

Thanks for the great blast ur bench program my bench jumped from 175 to 205 it was great!

Cory Davis


First, I would like to start by saying the blast your bench program is amazing!!! I can't believe the extraordinary gains I have made in strength, not just in my bench pressing but my shoulders and triceps as well, pretty much my entire upper body. I used you program in an attempt to maintain my strength levels while trying to lose weight for a Judo competition. Not only did I maintain my strength levels, but I am actually stronger now than I was at 15 pounds heavier!! Thank you very much!!

Aoun W.





Hi Lee,

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how my training is coming along.

Using your advice, in 2 months I increased my bench by 100 pounds and my squat by 110.

Thank you for all of your help!

Eric David Bru


I purchased the program a couple months ago and it worked great! I am not sure about my 1 rep max since I lift in my basement alone, but I was doing 225 for a max of 6 reps for years on end and now I can get it for 12 reps! Amazing!

This was the best money I ever spent!


Brad E Bujdos

Hi Lee,

I am emailing you about your program "Blast Your Bench". I just wanted to tell you that I did the workout before back in December and my bench went up 45 pounds. I was amazed. I could not of made those gains without your workout system.

Thanks Alot!!

Bradley Gandy.

Hello Lee,

I finished the bench program, I made great progress. At 144 lb. bodyweight during the final day of program I succeeded with a 250 lb. bench. I increased my bench 55 pounds. Overall I feel ripped.

Thanks for this awesome program.

Samuel Giddeon

hi lee,

i just finished your program. and i have to admit, at first i was skeptical. but you proved me dead wrong. i added 25 pounds to my bench. bringing me right up to 315 pounds.

thanks lee.

bill neikam

hey lee,

i sucessfully finished your program. I added 25 pounds to my bench and i am pleased with the results.

pat mcconnell

hey lee,

i completed the blast your bench program recently, and i couldnt be happier with the results. im very pleased i added 35 lbs to my bench and 50 to my squat. awesome!


I just completed the "Blast Your Bench" program and I went from a 225 pound bench press to a 245 pound bench press in just three weeks. Thats a pretty good weight considering that I only weigh 140 pounds. I always wanted to bench 100 pounds over my weight and now I can,



my gains were great and i think you've designed a great program! my bench max went up 40 pounds. if you know of any other great trainning tips i may have missed out on, please let me know! i'd appreciate it.

Peter Farrington

Hey Lee, i just finished the "blast your bench" program, i gianed 25 pounds to my bench. I think it is a great program. 3 weeks ago my max was 185, after the program i maxed at 210, so i was happy to break the 200 pound mark.

thanks alot.

aaron ohern
knoxville tn

Dear Lee,

I am 15 and have currently finished the Blast Your Bench program. I have always been short and pudgy. I decided to change that about two years ago, and am currently 170 pounds. I wanted to say thank you. The Blast Your Bench program is one of the greatest things that has happened to me. I play football and have high hopes of starting linebacker for varsity next year. At the beginning of the year I was benching about 200 pounds at 180, now I am benching 260 at 170. I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of this program.


Danen Pool


I just maxed out at 280 lbs, and I started at 260. That is a 20 lb gain, which is awesome. I believe I could of got 285 if I wasn�t so tired. Your program helped me out a lot and is a good program. Thank you for your time and effort.

Thanks again
Justin Purcell


I want to thank you for the blast your bench program. I used it, around a year ago, and gained over 35 pounds on my bench. I am about to start the program again.

I greatly appreciate all your help.

Leon Watko

hi lee

i purchased your blast your bench program back in 2002. had good results.... i gained at 30 pounds on my bench. i want to get back into it soon.

anthony apostoli


I completed the program and was very successful. I gained 30 lbs on bench and put on 5 lbs of muscle in the first couple weeks. Thanks again. I can't wait to get started again, great program!

Tucker Morris

I just finished the 3-week program and I am very pleased, to say the least. I started the program weighing 160 lbs and with my maximum bench press at 175 lbs. Three weeks later, I can now max out at 215 lbs, a great gain of 40 lbs! I have to tell you, I was almost thinking of quiting the program during the second week, I felt as though I wasn't gaining much strength very signifigantly. I decided to stick through the program and see what results I actually achieved. I shocked myself today when I maxed out at 215, I was hoping for 195. I can't wait to get started again in a couple of months.

Michael O'Neill

Hi Lee,

I ordered blast your bench 2 a few months ago. This is a great program because I gained 45 lbs. on my bench in 3 wks. I am trying to get all of my friends to try it.



Hello Lee,

On Wednesday of last week I realized a long term goal in the gym. The "Blast Your Bench" program I got from you came to fruition. I was skeptical about the claim of an increase of 30 to 60 lbs. on the Bench Press in 3 weeks but followed the work out routine and the protein requirements closely. I also used the recommended ECA stack throughout the program. I started the program and 4 days into it, "Life" happened and I had to wait a week and restart the program. Most of the testimonials were 20-25 lbs. on lighter guys so I expected to better my previous best of 275 by 20 or maybe 30 lbs. What I got was simply astounding. I did 275 like nothing and then went though 295 easy. My friend John was there to spot and I went up to 315 ( The Goal since about 1985). Got it! I could not believe it and I got a little choked up. Then I added another 20 and John said he took a little off so I went back down to 325, and got that too! 50 pound increase in three weeks. Then last night I started back on a modified regular work out and blew past my old incline poundage on the Hammer Strength machine by 60 lbs. too.

WOW!!! Best money I ever spent on fitness!

Thanks Lee,

Calvin Locke
Phoenix, AZ


I have managed to set records in three states in the Bench Press 165LB CLASS MASTER 60-64 As you know I used your program and still use parts of it to prepare - it really helped to get me going. I am 64 and bench 240 plus without a bench shirt and have not really tried my max with a shirt yet - probably at the Masters in Baton Rouge. My PA record is 242.5 (raw) Have not lost a meet yet.

Thanks for all the help!

Take Care,
Peter Hubbard (aka Ole Head)
Peter Hubbard 259 lb. bench

Note: March 2004 Peter Hubbard set the American Record in the USAPL for the Masters 165lb class with a 259 lb. bench press @ 65 years young!

Hi Lee,

I finished the program Friday and today was the day! My max bench is 225 before the program it was 185 that is a gain of 40lbs. I am very happy and impressed. Have to say the people wondering about the program, just stick to it use the proper form and diet (don't give up). The last week was the toughest but the results where worth it. Thanks again for an excellent program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Munn

hey lee,

this is steven cox i bought your program a while back and it worked pretty good, i gained 25 pounds on my bench and really improved my form. i am going to go through the program again.

thanx alot,

steven cox

Hey Lee,

I recently completed the three week blast your bench routine and I must say that it kicked my ass for 3 weeks. I thought that it was a little unreasonable at first the thought of increasing my bench that much in only 3 weeks. However, my max jumped 20 pounds from 240 to 260 in just 3 weeks. I was very pleased with the result and I have been folllowing the post blast your bench routine and I keep getting stronger with every workout.

Thanks a lot.


Brian Jackson

I just finished your program and increased my bench by 22 lbs.In the beginning of the program it seemed as if I had lost some strenght, but I found out this was due to the different grip and tecnique I was now using. Once I had proper form it was great, except those workouts are killers, but I really liked the pump they gave me. I'm going to take it easy this week and do a general workout cycle before attempting the blast your squat routine.

Thanks Lee !!

Charles d'Entremont

Blast Your Bench

Hi Lee,

I have just completed your routine and am extremely pleased with the results. I play around at some powerlifting contests in Australia so I thought you would be interested in my results.

Prior to the 3week routine my best contest bench was 132.5kg (291.5 lb.) in the 82.5 kg (181.5 lb.) division. I finished the routine last Friday, last night I went to test out my gains at the gym and was pleasantly surprised with 135kg (297 lb.), 140kg (308 lb.) and 145kg (319 lb.) lifts in good form. I beleive I could have lifted more but left some in reserve for a contest next week.

I will keep you informed of my contest outcome, particularly because my last one was IPF sanctioned (at 132.5) and the next on July 26 is IPF sanctioned and drug Tested by ASDA. I beleive somewhere between a 15 to 20kg bench gain is attainable.

Many thanks for passing along your knowledge and assistance, following the routine to the letter is a very rewarding experience.

Best Wishes
Tom Jamieson


This is one of those satisfied customer emails. I workout alone in my garage. Additionally, I have a six year old daughter who plays t-ball and attends ballet and tap classes. Even without a spotter and not working out five consecutive days like the program mandates I have gained 40 lbs. on my bench press. Thanks for a program that actually works.

Joseph Shields

Hi Lee,

I was on your program last month. I went from repping 205 8 times to repping 245 8 times. I'm looking forward to continuing your program.

Tan Nguyen


I used your program a few months ago and packed about 20 lbs. on my bench. I'm ready to try it again. Thanks for the first 20 lbs., I look forward to more.

-Richard C. Calderone

Hey Lee,

Thank you so much for providing us with a program that actually works; at a price we can afford. As an 18 year old, it is fairly hard to make gains in the bench press. But with your simple 3 week program, I went from a 195 1-Rep Max, to a 245 1-Rep Max. Thanks alot. I look forward to starting your Bench program again soon.

Greg Sarchet

Hi Lee!

Just a short note to say I just completed the Bast Your Bench program. What a course!! I'm a little guy but had great success on with this course. I weighed 125 when I started and had a max bench press of 125. Now that I have completed the course I weigh 129, ( that's good for me), and my new max is 175!!! Thanks sooooo much. Can't wait to get started on the Blast Your Squat program!

Thanks. Well worth the money!

J. Robins
Twinsburg, Ohio

hey lee,

i just finshed your blast your bench progarm and i am very happy with it i went from 280 to 320 i cant believe how great it works and i didnt get to eat that great but i did it some and i didnt have a spotter most of the time and i missed the last work out. thanks for your help, your progarm is great and i cant believe how great it worked and all my friends are very shocked they didnt think it would work that great!

Blast Your Bench

I ordered your program a couple of weeks and in the first week I moved up 15 pounds on my bench press. I still have 2 weeks left. This program is the best bench program I have tried. It's loaded with great info and techniques. It is awesome. I can't wait until I workout again and see even more gains.

Richard Ryan


Let me tell you. After doing the bench program, I went from a one rep max of 180 lbs to 215 lbs. I used to be able to 200 when I was in my prime last year. But after 3 weeks, I increased my bench 35 lbs. And I actually benched 15 lbs. higher than my life record. I also gained 15-20 lbs in the 3 week period. Thank you for this program. Also, at the beginning, I didn't think it was going to work, but the key is eating correctly. It all worked out in the end and before you know it, you've made these crazy gains. I gotta keep up this work.


Thanks to the Blast Your Bench Program, I have put an extra 70 on my bench and another 80 on my squat. I just keep growing.

Thanks alot.

Karl Northcott

Hi Lee

I finished my program 1 week ago and I gained 25 lb. on my bench I can't wait to try this program again.

All the best,

Frank Laudani


I wanted to thank you for all of the support and assistance with the blast your bench program. I finished it yesterday and did my all time best bench of 295. I weigh 170 so I guess I will do alright in the competition on Saturday. The program has given me the confidence and drive to do what it takes to train for mass. I will attempt 300 and hopefully get it. I am excited to see similar results in the blast your squat routines.

Again thank you very much for the insight it is greatly appreciated.

Tom Kurtz

P.S. My bench went up 20 pounds so you delivered on the

Mr. Hayward:

I just finished your "Blast Your Bench" today, and wanted to say how great it worked. I maxed out at before the program at 160 lbs, and weighed 152 lbs. Today, on the last day, I worked out with 200 lbs, and weighed 165!

Thanks so much. I am a Freshmen in college and have tried many programs in the last three years to increase strength and mass. None have worked as well. If you come up with any new programs or guides, please feel free to e-mail me your promos.


Hey Lee,

Wanted to let your know that i used your program and it worked great! I actually did'nt even get to finish it.. i was 3 days behind and still gained 25 pounds on my bench press...went from 330 bench to 355!

Good program i'll use it again!

Jake Briggs

hello lee,

this is luke snell, i've ordered your Blast Your Bench program and increased my bench by 55 lbs. my current bench max is 315 lbs. and squat 400 lbs.

thanks alot,
luke snell


i've just completed your 3 week bench program. i'm 17 yrs. old and i weigh 185 pounds and i could bench 265 pounds before the program. after this program was complete my bodyweight was 191 pounds and i benched 295 pounds!

only three little weeks and my bench increased 30 pounds! ----thanks Lee---- what a great christmas gift! for all of those who aren't sure if they want this program: i think they should try it, its guaranteed to work!! thanks again!

Lary Muntean

I bought your Blast your bench program a few weeks ago and thought that you may want to here about my results.

Before the program I could bench 190 x 3 reps

By the end of week 3 I benched 240 x 3 reps

I did stray a bit from the program and screwed up my diet in the third week by starting to cut calories. That sacked my energy levels. I'm going to try it again in March of 2001. Goal will be around 280x3 by the end of that program cycle.

Thanks much for putting the program together. I'll stick to it religiously next time and report those results as well.

Take care,
Jim Gamboe
Gibraltar Michigan

Hey Mr.Hayward,

My name is Jesus Ruiz, and I have been bodybuilding for nine months now, and may I must say that when my father and I ordered your program, it did wonders for our bench press. I went from 195 lbs. to 250 lbs. and my dad went from 245 lbs. to 315 lbs.! It is great, we plan on going on it again in the future.

Thank you,

Your loyal costumer,
Jesus Ruiz

Hey Lee,

I am 18 years old...the blast your bench worked wonders for me...before the program i was stuck @ 305 pounds...then a month later i put up 355 pounds..

thanks so much.

- Joe

Dear Lee,

I am Absolutely 100% satisfied with your Blast Your Bench program. I went from a Max bench of 165 to a max bench of 205 during the 3 week program. It works!

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Morgan Wright
Virginia Beach

P.S. You can use this in your testimonials page if you want to. Thanks again and God Bless!


I got this program for my son and used it at a point in time when we strugling in our training. My son is 15, and is 6' 2" tall and weight is 198#. When we started his max bench was 168#. After your program and the 3 weeks we went for his new max. After following your program for 3 weeks his new max bench was 256#. Now a month and a half later his new max bench is 300#. We want to thank you for your program and all it has done for my son.

Joe Salvato

Your program has done wonders for me and has even given me a chance at breaking the 13-15 148lbs wt class world bench record at 270lbs, because after i finished your program i maxed at 240lbs. and i weigh 136.

thank you!


Hi Mr. Hayward,

I just wanted to send you this little note to let you know that your program is one of the best programs that I have ever tried. I gained 10 pounds and added 35 pounds to my bench press in the 3 weeks. I would suggest to any one who really is looking to get in better shape and wants to stay fit to do your program.

Sincerely your workout partner for life,
Kevin Johnson

I am Arthur Harris and i just finished your program. i am 6'2 212 and i am a junior in high school in indianapolis. i increased my bench by 55lbs in the three week program.

Everyone doubted me and my friend, who increased his bench by 60lbs. but now they are all suprised.

thanks again,

Arthur Harris

I gained 35 lbs on your BYBII program. I went from 140 to 175 lbs ABSOLUTELY AWESOME PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 17 years old and I weigh 165 and now I'm up to 195lbs. This summer I'm going to do it again!!


Okay, I am pretty much a believer now. I benched 300 pounds today, the first time in over 15 years, and my shoulder feels great. The old shoulder injury almost seems to be nonexistent. I was amazed at how much reserve energy I had during the program and today. After the 1 rep max I ground out quite a few more sets and reps at lower, but still big, weights. I look forward to trying this again from time to time.

Thanks for your help.

Jake Earle

Hi Lee,

I have just finished you blast your bench, starting blast your squat. I am 51 years young and wanted to get back into shape. Started doing some working out a few months ago and found you workout and wanted to try it.

I started on 9/3/01. Was a week and a day into the blast your bench when the jets hit the world trade center I work for the utility in Manhattan was there when the jets hit awful thing. We had to work 24 hours that day so I didn't get to do my workout and worked 12 the next day was able to get home for a nights sleep. I live in Pennsylvania so it is an hour and a half ride each way to work.

I was so tired but I didn't want to give up on the blast your bench. I did the workout that morning and went to work. working 10 to 12 hours each day and going home. I didn't give up on blast your bench and was able to finish. but wasn't able to check my one rep max until this morning. My one rep max when I started was 250 lbs. today my one rep max is 310 lbs.

So if I can do it with what I and the rest of us New Yorkers were going through, any one can.

Thank you
John Rocchio


Your program was the best money I've ever spent. My maximum bench press was 170 lb. when I started the program. After the 3 week program it is now 230 lb. I increased my bench 60 lb.. This is more than I expected. I plan on repeating this program shortly.

Thank you,
Joe Rebholz

About a month and a half ago, I received your "Blast Your Bench 2". I honestly did not think it would work. I needed to gain mass, muscle, and strength for football. As we all know you need to be physically and mentally strong for football. I already had the mental part down. All I needed now was mass, and a little more strength. That's where you helped me out! Me and my friend have been doing the work outs which you provided for us. They were great and well detailed.

When I first started this program I maxed my bench out to see where I was at. I maxed out at 185 lbs. and wieghed 175. After following you work outs and nutritional information I have gained 10 lbs of mass and increased my bench to 215. That is a 30 lbs increase on my bench in three weeks.

Thank you for allowing me to try this workout and for supplying me with this information.

Kody Miller
Kingfisher, OK

Blast Your Bench

Hi Lee,

This is Shelton D'cruz from Bombay India sending you an e-mail once again to thank you for your awesome program. After trying your amazing 'Blast your Bench' routine and seeing wonderful results on my chest, I started following your squat routine and boy I could see awesome results in the second week itself. I did have good thighs and calves, but your exercise technique made it even more prominent. I now feel strong in my chest and legs and it is only because of you.

My instructor at the gym who was once against your program has now started following your routine and is making excellent progress as well. Lee, thanks for all your informative information.

Thanking you once again.
Bombay India

hi there,

i just wanted to thank ya for the program u sent me, it was about 8 months ago. iv got some great gains, went from 15" biceps to 16.5" and my chest grew 4 inches. i only used one suplement, whey protein and it worked great. im finnally getting the definition i want.

just wanted to say thanx,

Jamie Gardiner

Hi Mr. hayward,

Your program worked great for me. I put on 40lbs to my bench press using your diet/lifting techniques.

Thank you very much for your help

Brendan Daly

Hi Lee,

Thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know that I have purchased the Blast you Bench program off the web, and i have found it to be great. The chest work out is quite rigourous and it really pumps you up. The diet tips are also great.

Thanks for your time and help.


Hi, my name is Peter Guerrero,

I completed the blast your bench program a couple months ago. I increased my bench by 30 lbs, for which I am very grateful. At first my friends laughed at me but then they saw the results.



Dear Mr. Hayward,

Thank you for sending me the "Blast Your Bench" program, it is greatly apreciated. I am proud to say that the last time I used the benching program, I gained over 30 pounds on my bench!

Thank you for all your help.


Hey Lee,

Since I have started using your program my bench went from 195 to 245 and my squat went from 265 to 320! This program keeps gettin better and better!!!

Steven Hall

Hey Lee,

This program is great! I'm a 17 year old junior who succesfully gained on your program. When I started it, I could only do 160x8 and now I can do 190x8!!! I have almost caught my older brother who has always said I will never catch him in bench, no matter what. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to make strength gains in the bench press and to add some more mass in the chest.


Deer Lee,

I am an 8th grader in NJ, and I weigh 135, thanks to your "Blast your bench" program, i went from 165 to 205! I hold the class max by far. I would just like to say that this program works, Thanks A Lot!!!


New Jersey

hi lee!

the 'blast your bench 2' program is doing wonderful things for me! im 48 years old and decided about 9 weeks ago that enough was enough. i was up to 290 lbs. and it was far from muscles!... i hit the gym after work almost every night (i work as a maintenance mechanic in a large hospital). while i was doing ok on my own, id come to a point where i was pretty much maxed out and it was on the low end of the performance scale..... i found your website while looking for some information on the web. im almost done with week 2 of the 'blast your bench' program and the level of change is really starting to show...and i like it!... your program works better than id hoped for, and im not even through it yet!...incredible!!!....

keep up the great work!.......

bill barton

Dear lee,

I thank you so much for your blast your bench program it has really helped me develope my bench press! I am on my last week of it and i intend to go on it again in a few more weeks! With the program i have added over 40 pounds to my max bench i held the sophmore class record for bench at 245 i am now benching 295! i normally max out with the normal 45 pound bar and 2 45's and 1 35 on each side!

THANX a million Lee!

Hey Lee,

School started back this week for me I am a 10th grader. I just got done with the blast your bench program. I am now benching 250 pounds I weigh 135, some people are saying that I am on roids.

thanks for my blast your bench program.

Brandon Nicholson

hello my name is Matt Svabik. I have just recently finished your wonderful bench press program and recieved awesome results! I went from 245 to 275 on the bench! I was verry verry impressed by the results!

Matt Svabik

Dear Mr. Hayward,

My name is Mike Harrison and I ordered the Blast your Bench system. I completed your 3 week program and added 20 pounds to my 1 rep max. It felt good.


Mike Harrison

Hello Lee,

I'm in 10th grade, 106 lbs., 5 foot 4 inches. My bench press before I started was 105 lbs. after completing the 3 week program I was benching 125 lbs. I gained 20 lbs. in 3 weeks.

Thanks Lee,

Brad Glinkerman
Brookville, PA

Dear Lee,

First off I would like to commend your "Blast Your Bench" program. I am 17, I weigh 207 lbs. and since using your program went from 280 on the bench to 315! This program was great! I made impressive gains in just 3 short weeks. I have given it to all my buddies and they are making great gains as well...

A successful "Blast Your Bench" student

Brian Abrams

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