Blast Your Bench - Add 50 lbs. to your bench press in only 3 weeks!
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What do I get when I order the "Blast Your Bench" program?

Can teenagers follow this program?

Are there any side effects from this program?

Can I use the Blast Your Bench program over and over again or can I only use it one time?

Does the program cover just upper body exercises to increase the bench press?

Does the program shows the sets, reps, and weights to use?

Do I have to lift my back off the bench or bounce the bar off my chest to increase my max bench press with this program?

Is it safe to order by credit card online?

I don't have a credit card. Can I still order?

I am a bit skeptical about the program.

What type of equipment does this program require?

Do I need a training partner to follow the Blast Your Bench program?

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